Divorce and Mutual Divorce

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Mutual Divorce

Mutual Divorce simply means that both husband and wife are not able to live together and need to file the divorce in the Court. We help our clients in filing the Mutual Divorce. The main element of the mutual Divorce is the Mutual Agreement between husband and wife. We provide special advice and sessions to our clients to deal with mutual agreements so that we will not leave any lacunas in the agreement which leads to further fight between the separated couple.

Contested Divorce and Domestic Violence

The cases of Domestic Violence is not decreasing in India. We help our clients to fight against the Domestic Violence and handle the cases related to domestic violence. Many confuses that Domestic Violence is only related to Physical Violence, but the law is very clear that Domestic violence includes physical abuse and mental abuse.

Domestic Violence on Men

No one can deny with the fact the cases of Domestic Violence on men are increasing with a great pace in India. We help our clients to fight against such cases. Recent trends and report reveals the facts that the men in our society are the victims of Physical Violence. The cases of Domestic violence on men related to mental abuse and sexual abuse are also increasing.

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Different Courts have different views regarding Child Custody and Child Visitation Rights. The life of a child sometimes get spoils in matrimonial disputes between the husband and wife. We help our clients in Child Custody and Child Visitation laws and ensure that the safety of rights of children and their future. Child Custody and Child Visitation laws are not mostly taking care of by litigants but we specially emphasis of Child Custody and Child Visitation Laws to safeguard the future of the children.

Restitution of Marriage

The matrimonial law is not only about the Divorce. In India we have a very strong law to reunite the marriage. Restitution of Marriage is the solution. We help our clients to in filing and understanding the law of Restitution of Marriage. There are many issues and complexity which sometimes with the interference of court can be resolved.