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What is Taxation

Taxes are the backbones of any country. It is needless to say that that main source of revenues of a Government is taxes. Taxes mainly divided into two categories. First is Direct Tax and second is Indirect Tax. Taxation in India was a very complex system. But now the system improves in past few years. Many reforms are introduced by the Government for simplifying the Tax System.

First tax is Direct Tax. Direct Tax is the taxes which Government charges on the income and profits of any Legal Entity. Now here is the difference between a person and a legal entity. Legal Entity not only includes the individuals but also includes Partnership Firms, Companies, Societies and other legal entities who were earning profits. Tax on Salary, Tax on property, TDS are some form of Direct Tax. But still some taxes need reforms. Taxes like MAT, Dividend Taxes and many more taxes still not easy to understand.

The second form of tax is Indirect Tax. There were many indirect taxes prevailing in India in past. Service Tax, Entertainment Tax, Sales Tax and the list go on. But from 1st JULY 2017 government of India introduces the Goods and Services Tax. GST simplifies the Indirect Tax system. GST is a system which is now a days uses in many countries and which helps foreign investors to understand the tax system of India. By introducing GST India, the raking of India in ease of doing Business in world improves very fast.

We help our clients in filing Direct Tax Returns and help them by guiding the laws and process regarding to Direct Tax. We also in litigation and handle the case of Direct Taxes in ITO, CBDT and High Court. The Direct Tax is simple process for the individual but it is a complex system for a Business man. A Business man requires a professional to handle its Direct Tax Affairs of the Business.

We also help our clients in Registration and filing of Indirect Tax Returns and help them by guiding the laws and process regarding to Indirect Tax. A system of GST is not to understand for a simple layman. We help them in filing the returns and dealing with the affairs and complexity of the Indirect System. We also regularly arrange the seminars for our clients and public to understand the Indirect Tax System.