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What is Banking And Finance

Banking and Finance are basically two different terms. But in Corporate World Banking and Finance is always term as a single statement. Finance includes raising the Capital, Investment of funds and uses of Capital. Banking is raising the Loan, Deposits the funds and other Banking services provide by the Financial Institutions.

Banking is the core feature of Financing. One of the main parts of Financing is to raise the Capital. For raising the capital, Companies usually raises funds from Floating shares, issuing debentures or by raising loan. For all the above components banking is required. We help our clients in compliances for all Floating shares, issuing debentures or by raising loan. We also help our clients to fulfil guidelines of ROC and SEBI.

Second important Component of Finance is managing working capital and cash flow. Cash flow and banking is interrelated. We cannot read Cash flow and Banking as two different components. Main source of raising Working Capital is raising Unsecured Loan and Term Loan through Banking Chanel. For raising the Term Loan and unsecured Loan, Business required Project Report. We help our clients for making Project Report and rising working Capital.

Now third element of Finance is utilizing funds and again it cannot be done without banking.