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Law of Will

The importance to last will is the upmost. The cases related to property and wills are very complexes and need experience to handle the same. Each and every word of a will is important. Will is genuine or not is also a big question. Such cases includes Hindu Laws, Property Laws, State Laws, Procedural Laws and never ending research. We provide the solution as we have the expert team for handing property matters having expertise of more than 25 Years in property field.

Drafting a Will is very important part. At the time of Drafting of Will, Testator is in hurry and do not ever read the draft properly. Testator is the person who is writing a will of his/her property. As per the Indian Law on Wills, Testator can write the will on plain paper also. In India, registration of will is not compulsory. That is why the draft of will play an important role in such cases. You can assume that how important is that piece of paper is which is not notarized or registered and still valid and that piece of paper will deiced the future of crores of immovable property. Each and every word of that will is so important which decide that how the beneficiary objects and fight for the property. One should keep in mind to always right what share of property is given to whom and also the reasons for the same. If Testator is not writing any share of property to some particular person, he/she should mention the reason. It is not a law but a good practice. I would always suggest you to take a help of an professional Advocate.

Answers of Complex Questions

Advocate Kul Bhushan Gakkhar is having a experience of more than 25 years in handling the property disputes and can answer the most complex problems faces by the people in day to day life. Not only such cases handled by us but we also help our clients in facing litigation related to Stay orders, Specific Performance and Bayana Cases.

Advisory Services

This is not the end. This is a beginning. We also help our clients in setting up the RERA projects and their compliances. We also help them in litigation in RERA. RERA safeguard the rights the Investors, Consumer and Companies. We also handle case related to property disputes in State Consumer Forum and National Consumer Forum.